SE.M. Forster rightly says," Indians believe that birds animals and human beings - in the everything else – are an integral part of divinity".

Feeding Drive

This is a central belief of all Indian cultural thought. In Hindu culture special significance is given the feeding the animals. It not only support someone in need but also adds to work good Karma.

In Indian culture, all forms of life must be respected equally Indians believe all living beings are sacred whether it is a bird, animal, trees water or air. They are the spiritual companion of human beings and have an equal share in the world and in its resources.

Food is the basic need for all living creatures. Every living creature needs food and water for its survival. As mentioned in our scriptures and Vedas it is considered that feeding animals and birds are an act of kindness.

Unfortunately in today’s time many stray animals are neglected and harassed and face trouble in finding food. We believe if stray animals are managed through medical care vaccination sterilisation and feeding then there will be less human and animal conflict.

Feeding drive is an integral part of our foundation. We encourage community members to feed animals in their neighbourhood areas. It makes stray animals more friendly and calm Through our feeding drives, we can keep track of animals’ health and can provide medical help to the ones in need.

We encouraged people to feed stray homeless animals and birds in their respective areas by taking full precautions. We received warm responses from many people. It prompted community members to feed the hungry homeless stray animals and birds by giving them food and water in their neighbourhood areas.

We are also teaching community members by setting an example that one can feed stray animals even on a low budget.

Feeding and offering water to animals and birds is a Great deed Join us to feed more souls. Sponsor feeding drives.
No Animal in your reach should die of starvation.
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Besides feeding small animals we have started Cow feeding drive also.
Cows are amongst the most affected street animals in the country, left to roam without any space to themselves and fend for their own food. They feed on roadside garbage and die prematurely owing to ingested plastic bags that clog the Earth. An adult cow needs 20-24 kgs of food daily: We have joined forces with wholesale vegetable markets to collect leftover or overripe fruits and vegetables to feed as many cows as we can.

Caring for and feeding the cows on the streets is expensive and requires considerable resources and time. We have to manage operating costs like fuel ,driver salary, Vehicle mantaince etc for our feeding drive.
We need your support to be able to continue our cow feeding drives.
Join us in spreading kindness and feeding the cows. Every monetary contribution, little or large, goes a long way.