Let’s aware people to save animals!

Awareness Campaigns

Why campaigns?

Children are the foundation of our future and educating them today about animals and the environment will yield a positive impact on tomorrow’s society. This is why Wings and Tails Members actively conduct weekly Awareness campaigns in as many areas of the city, especially with underprivileged children who are not exposed to environmental education.

These Children are taught through fun activities, videos, and discussions in a series of lesson plans. Each session discusses one topic in detail. Children are encouraged to work to improve the environment around them and are guided about how to do so. Regular visits are made to these areas and simple tasks are assigned to them.

This brings about unity, Team spirit and most importantly, Environmental awareness and compassion for animals and Birds.

We also conduct awareness sessions in educational institutes and schools. Primary School and Middle School Students are our Focus. We Conduct Elaborate workshops for them that cover various topics.

These students are encouraged to not just know theoretically but to actively make a change. They are steered towards real work like Planting trees, Feeding Animals or treating an injured animal. They are informed about various ways to have a cruelty-free and eco-friendly life.

We also create awareness by informing parents, teachers and adults about eco-friendly and cruelty-free ways of living and encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles. We also bring focus on understanding the emotional and psychological needs of animals. 

Campaign Gallery

Later We did more than 100+ Campaigns in Various Schools and Locations

Check Our Different Campaign Images Here!

Lesson Plan #1

Welcome – Introductory session to helping animals and saving the environment and rapport formation.

Lesson Plan #2

World of Chickens – Mask Making, Videos and More.


Lesson Plan #3

Understanding Cows – Notebook making and a Fun Informative Session.

Lesson Plan #4

Going Green Together – Environment Education, Plantation Drive and More!