About Us

We are group of passionate individuals who got together because we have a common goal- to see a world where animals can live happily and where nature is not interfered with. All members come from different professions but we work together in Wings and Tails. As an organization, we spread awareness about environment conservation and animal rights. We advocate against animal cruelty and bring about discourse through education and field work

Our Team

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Sonia Naveen

Founder & President
She is the heart of the organisation and has played a key role in the formation of Wings and Tails Foundation. Graduated from Delhi University and completed her B.Ed and PGDMM, She runs an educational institute by profession but her heart lies in Animal welfare. She discovered her passion 15 years ago and since then has contributed a lot to the cause of animal rights. This organisation is her brain child. She believes that educating children and common people can bring change in the world of animals and nature. She was the first to take initiative to conduct awareness programmes and to sensitize common people about Animal welfare and the environment. She has fought cases many for animal rights. She brings unity, consistency and experience to the team. She inspires all the members and keeps the spirit alive. She has saved innumerable animal lives and herself become vegan. She plays a leading role for Wings and Tails. She dreams of a world where animals and humans could Co-exist happily together.
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Sandhya Sachdeva

Co-founder & Treasurer
Utterly devoted and sincere to her work, she brings with herself the spirit of proper management. She has studied BCA and B.Com from the University of Delhi followed by Masters in Hospital Administration from IIHM. She is presently working as Manager in the Health care sector. Sandhya is the co-founder and treasurer of Wings and Tails foundation. She has done extensive work in animal welfare for more than a decade. She is very devoted towards the cause of animal’s and the environment. With her roots in care-giving, she has helped several creatures in need. Sandhya shares her life and her home with stray dogs.

Bindu Garg

Co-founder & Chief Advisor
She graduated from Lady Shri Ram College for Women in 1991. She did a PG Diploma in Computer Programming and Systems Analysis in 1992. She has worked with a well renowned NGO named INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), New Delhi for 11 years (since 1993 to 2004). Moreover, she has learnt various alternative healing therapies. She is a Level 3 Reiki healer and has also completed a certified course in Theta Healing (Basic and Advanced level) in 2017. Now, she teaches Abacus. She loves animals and possess a strong desire to do something for them.
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Raghav Bhatia

Co- founder & Media and Innovation Coordinator
Raghav is passionate about animals and nature since his school days.Done diploma in film making and TV production. He directed few short movies and documentaries too. Presentlly running his Studio and helping in rescuing animals when needed.
Our History​

It was year 2004 when little soul entered in founder’s house on demand of her son Raghav who has soft corner for other living creatures as a companion . ..a sweet little pup Bruno.Bruno was a little pomerian pup hardly three months old. Just in few months Bruno made her understand that animals too have feelings and emotions. They can’t speak but their love is unconditional. He changed her perspective towards life. Mrs Sonia Naveen who is teacher by profession started taking new lesson of life while raising that innocent pup. Soon she was started looking after other street animals. She was deeply moved by seeing the plight of stray animals.
She started helping whenever she could. Slowly it became a part of her daily routine to feed and care stray animals.
She raised voice for Voiceless and fought legal battles to save them. she also started awareness campaigns too in slum areas and schools with like minded people to senstize the children about animal welfare and environment conservation. She believed that awareness is the first key to save animals and mother nature. As she felt that she herself realized it very late but she didnt want that present generation should waste their time waiting for realization. .She wanted to change the mindset of young generation so as to change the destiny of innocent creatures of God.
With passage of time many people joined her for this noble cause.
Once their group while on a rescue mission saw a monkey who was captive in big cage in a reputed shelter. and again chained inside the cage . He was beaten regularly by their staff. That poor monkey had only one piece of glass with him all a day . He passed his time by seeing his image. He had been thr for many years. His condition moved her badly. She was in tears to see his condition. She and her group reported this incident to trustees of that shelter but no action was taken. Nothing was done to release or to rehabilitate the monkey. So they had to raise their voice against this atrocity.They even complained this matter to police. Spent whole day at police station arguing requesting for help. Finally police agreed to help but trustees of that NGO didn’t handover monkey to Ms. Sonianaveen and her groups as they were not an NGO. Moreover no other NGO came forward to help them. But they didn’t loose hope . With help of Wildlife crime branch monkey was released and rehabilitated.
That was the moment when Ms. Sonianaveen and her Group thought of starting their own NGO to serve animals . Regardless of many obstacles Wings and tails foundation was formed in 2018 and work started. Rescue, treatment rehabilitate adoption awareness campaigns, legal fights ,ambulance service, vaccination and feeding drives – the path to serve animals was difficult so few members left in between.
Wings and Tails foundation presently has three more trustees who have compassion in their heart to serve animals. Ms. Sandhya Sachdev Mrs. Bindu Garg and Young Man Raghav whose love and passion towards animals changed the heart and mindset of founder Mrs Sonia Naveen They are working hard to help street animals with the help of community members and their limited resources.
Wings and Tails foundation is a group of ordinary but passionate people who believe that every animal and birds deserve good life. Wings and Tails foundation following a dream place where all animals could live freely , facing no threat to their existence. Together we can save animals and mother nature